Circa 1913:
Casa Jacaranda
Beautiful Casa Jacaranda dates back to 1913, the earliest years of the Colonia Roma. Art gallery, treasure trove and funhouse all in one, the house is everything that Beto and Jorge love in life: beauty, nostalgia, intelligence…a place for friends and ideas, the ideal setting to try something new. A house of intriguing ghosts and lively living spirits.

La Colonia Roma

We love it better than anywhere else in the city. The uneven pavement and the overgrown gardens. The street theatre that’s just daily life. Pageantry because why not? The neighborhood characters, your favorite hidden corners. Everything’s centuries old, yet brimming with modern life. Down-home, yet dressed up in surprising refinement.

Jacaranda Tree

Our namesake tree is the centerpiece of the rooftop garden: exuberant, rambling and stately. The living reflection of all who’ve come and gone at Casa Jacaranda. Family, friends, guests; generations witness to historic events and millennial traditions alike. As colorful as it gracious, it offers shade and shelter to all—life renewed in a violet blaze each spring. We dare you not to think it’s magical.