A hands-on culinary experience like no other in Mexico City.

Experience the true beauty of Mexican cooking, and Mexican life, at home with Beto Estúa and Jorge Fitz in gorgeous Casa Jacaranda. We host by-request culinary experiences for every kind of cook, at every experience level. Best of all, everything you make, you eat. Then comes a laid-back, yet lively sobremesa in the rooftop garden, beneath golden sunlight and the lilting play of jacaranda shadow. ▼

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Market Tour

10:00am • Meet at the market 

In Mexico, marketing is a fun, kicky conversation. We hit the ground running at the market. You’ll look for and discover all the best tastes, smells and colors that will shape and inspire the culinary day to come. Jorge and Beto meet you at Colonia Roma’s Medellín Market; after coffee and a walkable bite, it’s time to meet the best specialty vendors, the butchers who know what they’re doing, the lady who always has the best avocados or chilies. Everything starts with fresh ingredients that will never know a shrink-wrap, plus what’s in season, and importantly, what food mongers say is at its peak.

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Cooking Class

Noon • Casa Jacaranda Kitchen 

Back at Casa Jacaranda, Beto and Jorge help you develop your own, one-of-a-kind sazón. You’ll chop and dice (everything is made from scratch) and you’ll man the blender (at this point as traditional to Mexican cooking as a stone molcajete). Salads and sides come together like something out of Eden; meats, poultry and seafoods stay simple, but perfect. Meanwhile salsas—sometimes complex in ingredients, almost always a dish’s signature statement—take shape, step by step…complete with secrets the boys swore to their grandmothers they’d never tell. All along the way you’ll learn the history behind the traditions; in Mexico, legend haunts nearly every dish. One thing we really love: students say that beyond recipes, at Casa Jacaranda you get the “hang” of Mexican cooking, gaining intuitive knowledge you'll take home and recreate after Mexican travels end.

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Lunch under the Jacaranda tree

2:30-4:30pm • Lunch & Drinks on the rooftop 

¡A comer! Wrapping up in the kitchen, Beto and Jorge set a magnificent vintage table in the rooftop garden, beneath Casa Jacaranda’s namesake tree. Cocktails, artisanal mezcal or tequila make an excellent aperitif…and then all the work, everything learned, the aromas, the tastes…the sazón all hit the table. You and your recently-arrived guests savor every course created, contrasting moods and flavors, color and texture as the afternoon slips into what might be best of all: sobremesa (i.e., chatting at the table until long after meals have ended). Great food and gorgeous surroundings whet the appetite for gossip, debate, reminiscence and just plain fun, in conversations as varied as you, your life-story and all you’ve experienced at Casa Jacaranda.

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What a perfect day! I loved the tour through the market. Alberto taught us about all the varieties of Mexican ingredients. I really appreciated how he knew the vendors personally and had developed local relationships. The class itself was so fun. Things I had always thought were too difficult were made very simple and so flavourful! Finally, Alberto and Jorge were so warm and funny and welcoming. Loved every minute.

/  Catherine, Vancouver  /


Join us under the Jacaranda tree.

Live an unforgettable day learning the secrets of local cuisine in the Mexico City’s top-rated culinary experience.