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traditional Mexican Cuisine –abuela Approved.

Every Casa Jacaranda experience includes a full menu (two appetizers, one entrée plus dessert). All courses are paired with exceptional Mexican wine and artisanal tequila and mezcal.

Casa Jacaranda is committed to principles of local-sourcing and seasonability—and only the best-quality ingredients go into what we cook. So please note not all recipes may be available at all times. We happily accommodate dietary restrictions.

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Cochinita Pibil

Delicious and addictive, cochinita pibil is marinated pork roasted in banana leaves and marinated in delicate, aromatic spices considered exotic anywhere north of the Yucatán. First cooked by the Mayas’ descendants, it features dark, smoky habanero salsa, creamy Yucatán-style refried beans and a spicy pickled onion escabeche. From-scratch appetizers round out the experience.

Carnitas Tacos

A blockbuster dish by all accounts, pork carnitas are something Mexicans typically eat on the street—but this home recipe really hits the spot in an explosion of so-good umami. With roasted tomatillo-and-chipotle salsa that perfectly jazzes the succulent pork confit.  Complete with easy-to-make street-style appetizers, seasonal salsas and freshly-made tortillas.


Mami Fina's Adobo

Legend has it the recipe has been in Beto’s family for at least a century. Think of adobo as “any-day mole,” a refined sauce made from dried chilies, tomato and spices. It’s delicious with beef or steamed veggies, Mexican rice, freshly-made tortillas and a generous side of frijoles de la olla, home-style beans.

Mexican Antojitos

The name means “little cravings” and refers to easy-to-make appetizers that suit every taste. Small yet very tasty and done the authentic way, we'll put out deep-fried tacos, quesadillas or molotes, enchiladas, sopes, and more, with guacamole, salsas, and all the from-scratch trimmings.

Yummy plate of mole and rice at Casa Jacaranda.

Mole Poblano

Baroque, highly traditional and utterly delicious mole poblano is prepared with over 20 ingredients that include exotic spices, dried chilies and chocolate. Appetizers and sides go perfectly with the bold flavor of this, the grandmama of all mole varieties. A dish for special occasions, you’ll soon understand why mole is key to every Mexican family's culinary traditions.


Mole Verde

A traditional but lesser known mole whose luscious color and flavor comes from green ingredients like fresh chilies, cilantro, radish greens and roasted pumpkin seeds. Mole verde is a crowd pleaser that is perfect in tacos with pork, fish or chicken. Street-style appetizers and frijoles—the creamy yet smoky Mexican classic—are perfect sides.


Fish in Chile Mojo

Mojo is the name given to sundry sauces that vary in ingredients, and piquancy, but that consist primarily of olive oil, garlic, chilies, salt and herbs. This family recipe is nutty, garlicky, slightly sweet and very yummy. Keep some in your fridge and add it to, well, everything! We’ll pan-sear fish, drizzle it in the mojo and serve it over Mexican-style rice alongside golden-fried plantains.

Al Pastor Fish Tacos

Yes, we use the traditional recipe for marinating pork you see elsewhere in Mexico City, but this time paired with a fresh Pacific or Gulf seafood catch. Add pickled pineapple for a taste as delicious as it is surprising. No vertical spit needed to make this one at home (and leave guests floored). Tender, fresh-corn tamales are this menu's delish appetizer.



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Honestly one of the most genuinely Mexican experiences. From the moment you meet at the market to pick out the ingredients for your meal, until the very end when you say Adios! Alberto and his staff welcome you into their home and kitchen for a delicious meal."

/  Andrew, San Antonio  /


Join us under the Jacaranda tree.

Live an unforgettable day learning the secrets of local cuisine in the Mexico City’s top-rated culinary experience.