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Nuestra casa,
tu casa

Beautiful Casa Jacaranda dates from 1913, the earliest years of Colonia Roma. Art gallery, treasure trove and funhouse all in one, the house is everything that Beto and Jorge love in life: beauty, nostalgia, intelligence . . . a place for friends and ideas. It’s the ideal setting to try something new. A house of intriguing ghosts and lively living spirits.

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The Kitchen

Everything you cook at Casa Jacaranda is delicious, fresh, delicate and refined. But it’s not about spectacle, competition or molecular science. Here the focus is authentic Mexican food as part of a life lived fully—beautifully—and anyplace on earth. Jacaranda’s signature sazón lives on a human scale and close to the earth.

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The Rooftop

The word that Mexican cooking had to invent, sobremesa is the sazón that’s left over after dessert plates are cleared. Lively, post-prandial conversations on lazy afternoons. A drop of digestif to sweeten smart opinions. Holding on to taste memories that can’t last forever—relishing the moment. Sobremesa is good friends and the good life, free from blinking distractions. The world lies outside, but you’re happy right where you are. That urgent tweet is a sparrow in the spreading jacaranda overhead.

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Wow! Where do I start. Truly the BEST thing we did on this trip. The market was really fun, and then we went back to their incredible home, the kind you fantasize about when flipping through architectural digest. We felt like we were having an afternoon with friends. We will definitely be back.

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Beto & Jorge

Once you meet them the whole thing makes sense. They love being right where they are—and are glad you came. The jokes, the fun, the affection. Is there anyone they can’t talk to? Sure, they’ve been everywhere—but Casa Jacaranda is their favorite place on earth, you just feel it. Erudite in the most appealing way. Too bad you don’t know guys like this everywhere else in the world. And they are really something in the kitchen.


Join us under the Jacaranda tree.

Live an unforgettable day learning the secrets of local cuisine in the Mexico City’s top-rated culinary experience.